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The Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures story

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures has been offering truly unique and natural marine and wildlife experiences for more than 17 years. With over 30 years of local marine experience, we are passionate about Kangaroo Island and its untouched natural environment. We were the first tour operator licensed to swim with wild dolphins on Kangaroo Island and in South Australia, and the only Kangaroo Island marine tourism business with Advanced Eco Certification. Prop-free interactions: We believe in observing wildlife in their natural habitat without disrupting their behaviors with props and no encouraging with food. Operating in accordance with the Marine Mammal Interaction Policy.

Our commitment to sustainability is validated by our Advanced Eco Certification. Rest assured, your adventure with us not only enriches your soul but also contributes to the conservation of Kangaroo Island's precious ecosystems.


By protecting the waters and environment we work in, we know it will be there to support us for decades to come. 

Our Boat

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures' vessel "Energizer" has been custom built to offer you a smooth and fun day out exploring our beautiful island waters, marine life and scenery. The vessel design is one of the safest boats on the water, and it glides through all conditions, sea-sickness is never something you have to worry about on tour!


You will find boarding easy, making our tour accessible for people of all ages, including people with mobility challenges.Likewise, for people who choose to swim with the dolphins while out on the tour, getting into and out of the water is easy. Our boat is powered by twin jets, ensuring there are no dangerous propellors, keeping you safe and our marine life safe.


Comfortable seating is available for all during our trip to the bays close by. These are also appreciated by our guests choosing not to swim as they can choose to sit to watch the dolphins playing around our boat.

The vessel is large and designed for stability. We can move around smoothly and while sitting in bays watching all the activity, the boat sits calmly in the water. Safety floatation life jackets are provided for all passengers, including children. Our tour guides have decades of experience in Kangaroo Island waters and are certified master 5 level skippers. We take your safety very seriously.

''By protecting the waters and environment we work in, we know it will be there to support us for decades to come''

- Andrew Neighbour, Skipper


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventure tours operate in the calm waters of the North Coast of Kangaroo Island.

The swims are usually conducted in water so shallow you can touch the bottom, between 1 and 3 metres deep, usually quite close to the coast. These shallow and safe areas are known locally as the dolphins lounge room.

Kangaroo Island is an amazing place. A weather forecast might indeed say that the island will be windy, but so often, the bays and coastal areas you visit our dolphins, whales and marine life are protected from bad conditions. You might leave Kingscote in a stiff breeze, and arrive at our favourite bays with little or no wind at all. So if you do read a forecast that you think might not be good for a tour, please don't worry and do not assume the tour is cancelled. First, telephone us. We understand our weather patterns and will advise you if your tour is proceeding.

We do NOT put our customers at risk and we DO want everyone to have a fun day. So we only take tours out if we are confident that people will enjoy it. Our knowledge of alternate places to visit "if the wind is blowing a certain direction" is great.

All guests receive an SMS the evening before their our departure, however if you're still unsure, you can phone us on (+61) 0499 161 349 with any questions about the weather, or if you are worried your departure location might have changed.

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