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Commited to caring for our envrionement

At Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures, we are committed to sustainable tourism practices. Pioneers of marine tourism on Kangaroo Island, we have been operating for 17 years, and have over 35+ years experience in the industry. We believe that it is our responsibility to care for the environment and to protect the delicate ecosystems that we visit on our tours. We take great care to minimise our impact on the island, and we work hard to educate our guests about the importance of marine conservation. We operate prop-free-tours, using safe boat jets that provide a sympathetic acoustic pattern our resident dolphins in the Kangaroo Island dolphin habitat known as the 'Dolphins lounge room' love. Our goal is to ensure that Kangaroo Island remains a beautiful and pristine environment for generations to come.

It is through this commitment Kangaroo island Marine Adventures has been approved as a Green Travel Leader by Eco Tourism Australia for the past 10 years. Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures also operates in a Mission Blue Hope Spot, and have been working with Dolphin Watch for the past 17 years to work with them to add to their study programmes monitoring the wellbeing and habitat of our local whales and dolphin pods.

Eco Tourism Australia

Eco Tourism Australia's ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures is a Green Travel Leader approved by Eco Tourism Australia. Green Travel Leaders demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and to be awarded this, we have been judged across a diverse range of criteria, and have held our certification for 10+ years.

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Dolphin Watch

The Dolphin Watch Citizen Science initiative provides a platform for the community to assist in understanding and monitoring of coastal dolphins whilst providing opportunities for education and environmental awareness.  Citizen scientists can contribute by reporting information on dolphin sightings. Dolphin sighting reports received from Dolphin Watchers contribute to understanding the long-term status, ecology and protection of local dolphin populations.


Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures have been chosen by Dolphin Watch to work with them to add to their study programmes monitoring the wellbeing and habitat of our local whales and dolphin pods. For over 10 years, we have fed back information to the Dolphin Watch team and run regular surveys allowing local volunteers the opportunity to get out and study these amazing animals.

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Mission Blue

Mission Blue works closely with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and more than 200 international partners to secure enhanced recognition and protection for places such as Kangaroo Island’s North Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, the Coral Sea, Galapagos Island, Palau, Antarctica’s Ross Sea and other sensitive areas regarded as global treasures.

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures operates in a Mission Blue Hope spot off the North-Coast of Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island North Coast has been declared a Hope Spot by international marine conservation nonprofit Mission Blue in recognition of the Hope Spot Champions’ goals of increased marine protection for the island’s surrounding waters and the expansion of ecotourism and research tourism in the area. 

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