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Swim with wild dolphins on

Kangaroo Island

No props, no tricks - just you and the dolphins

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures offers a truly unique experience in marine eco-tourism on Kangaroo Island. Offering a licensed tour to swim with wild dolphins on Kangaroo Island, you can be part of the adventure of a lifetime in the clear calm and protected waters that these dolphins call home. Enter their amazing world as they swim up to you and say hello. Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable, and will help you make the most of your time in the water with these fascinating creatures. If you're looking for an incredible eco-tourism experience, look no further than Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures.

Island Explorer and Dolphin Swim Tour

The Island Explorer Tour takes you along the stunning North Coast of Kangaroo Island, where you'll see seals, sea eagles, osprey, and view ancient fossil beds. Plus, you'll have the chance to swim with wild bottlenose dolphins in shallow and protected waters.

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Commited to caring for our envrionement

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures is a Green Travel Leader approved by Eco Tourism Australia, meaning we are Green Travel Leaders, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility. To be awarded this, we have been judged across a diverse range of criteria, and have held our certification for 10+ years.

We are also delighted to have been chosen by Dolphin Watch to work with them to add to their study programmes monitoring the wellbeing and habitat of our local whales and dolphin pods. For over 10 years, we have fed back information to the Dolphin Watch team and run regular surveys allowing local volunteers the opportunity to get out and study these amazing animals.

What a memorable way to celebrate our 25 year anniversary living in Australia . This is a bucket list experience for us that we will remember forever.
Very highly recommended! 

- Darren, G.

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